Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can't Get It Out Of My Head!

Hi, my friends! Today we are having deer meat soup for dinner. Actually, nobody of  our family members (we are only two) do not like deer meat. But as we have it in our freezer we will have it. I am happy that there are left only one bag of meat and it will be made day after tomorrow. I have in freezer chicken sauce, it is leftower from yesterday, tomorrow I will heat it and I will boil potatoes only.
Tomorrow I have appointment to my doctor, I have to sign my sick-leave (is it a proper name?). As my kid is a little bit ill and doctor didn't allow to attend kindergarten whole week, I can take week of from work, that is paid by social agency. I was on holidays two weeks before, then previous week I was at work, and now again at home.
Now I am going to peel some potatoes for soup.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Window

Tomorrow I will get new window for my kitchen. It will be PVC (wanted wooden frame, but it is too expensive for me). PVC costs almost over $350. Next big buy will be a new oven, but I think that I have to do reconstruction in my kitchen first. As far as I remember the last time there was makeover in kitchen was in 1995 or 1996. 16 years ago!!! I glued the wallpapers in hallway by myself this year. And I swear that I will not do it again! Too much effort, I rather pay someone with proper education and abilities.

Happy And Famous

Happy and Famous! Not at all famous, but happy enough. Lost my previous blog (again). Started new blog today (accidentally, deleted old one week ago). In old one was all my thoughts, reviews of movies, films and all other stuff. I believe that all things that happens to us, will lead to something good at the end (even if bad things happens). Greasy-Cheesy!!! I am enjoying my life as it is!

P.S. I would be happy, if I have my reviews stored in my PC also, as I didn't do that, I will not rewrite them, but just keep going with new ones.

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