Wednesday, November 28, 2012

deer meat soup

Hi, my friends! Today we are having deer meat soup for dinner. Actually, nobody of  our family members (we are only two) do not like deer meat. But as we have it in our freezer we will have it. I am happy that there are left only one bag of meat and it will be made day after tomorrow. I have in freezer chicken sauce, it is leftower from yesterday, tomorrow I will heat it and I will boil potatoes only.
Tomorrow I have appointment to my doctor, I have to sign my sick-leave (is it a proper name?). As my kid is a little bit ill and doctor didn't allow to attend kindergarten whole week, I can take week of from work, that is paid by social agency. I was on holidays two weeks before, then previous week I was at work, and now again at home.
Now I am going to peel some potatoes for soup.

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