Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There Is Just A Candies!

I have always told to my relatives that my kid do not like sweets. He just do not like them. Probably he do not want them to eat because he tried his first candy when he was probably 1.5-2 years old. When we were unwrapping Christmas presents, there were pack of sweets from me. And two other from my aunt and from his grandmother. when grandmother told him to take the pack of candies he replied "There is just a candies and I already have one" I remember when I was kid I liked to get these bags of candies and I liked them a lot (that is why I had pretty bag tooth when I was children). when I was 5, I had all tooth damaged. And my kid in his 5, have no holes in tooth at all, his dentist asked him how it comes, you have so good teeth in your age? My boy replied, that his tooth like lot of carrots :)
He asked for Christmas skateboard and fishing rod. As I was on sick-leave one week in November and one in December, I got pretty little salary. So I will get skateboard for his birthday. ans my mother`s consort told that he will give fishing rod when he will be taken fishing.
It is pretty late so I need to get some sleep because my grandmother have birthday on December 26th.

P.S. I added my mother  as author to my blog. I do not want what she want to post here, but she told, that she do not want to create a new blog, so I gave my permission to post on my.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yesterday I bought this domain name for $10 for whole year. mostly I am writing only for me, as I do not have any visitors yet. I am searching through my laptop to try find some saved book reviews, but as it seems no, I have not saved any of them. I am so sorry about that, because one friend called me yesterday, cause he wanted to use my review of Ivars Sīlis - Nabagi Pilīs. He told, that he had no idea that I can make so fantastic book reviews. Yeah! Right!
He told that he wanted to use part of my review as an introduction to his research and add a reference to my blog. As I do not own (it even do not exist anymore) old blog, I couldn't help him. As far I only found review on my 5 year kid book, so parents may know what to expect from this book. I think that I may copy it to here. I will not do it today cause I need some sleep. We are visiting doctor on morning, and I have Birthday on December 19th. and also I need time to finish reading book and knitting pair of socks for my kid, as he is growing so fast.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Natural Killers - Swamp Tigers

I was pretty inspired by this movie. Bought few months ago in second-hand shop (again) for $2. Comes with brochure and was pretty interesting to read some facts about Swamp tigers and their lifes. After seeing this I will never visit India, cause I am now afraid of those tigers. As brochure states, tigers live in India and Bangladesh. I wasn't surprised on they eating habits, but was surprised that in such a small area there are living two Swamp tiger families. You have to see this movie if you like animal life. I am not big fan, but this was really great.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Too Much Beetroots?

As my kid is ill (again) I have to stay at home. my aunt went shopping and asked if I need anything from the grocery shop. I told, that I need some beetroot for soup. She asked how many? and I thought that 4 would be nice as they are in a little pack of 4 (already boiled and peeled) total weight is approx. 300 grams. She bought me 4 BIG boiled beetroot, total weight is over 1 kg. I placed them in the fridge and thought that they will rot fast. So I took all of them, blended them and will use probably less than half of them. The other part I will place in a plastic bag and store in the freezer, maybe I will use them for some other dishes. Oh...the Birthday is coming. The real date is December 19th, but I will celebrate it with my two best female friends on December 21st.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Second Hand Shopping

As we know in nowadays second shop workers price brand products high. As Nike, Adidas, Puma, found some high priced Prada too. Yesterday, while I was in town visited three different second hand shops and found some good deals on branded clothing. I was looking at Peter Kaiser shoes who was priced for $1, but was really worn, so I left them in shelf,also left genuine leather boots in shelf (I had the same brand last year) they were also badly worn..
 I am interested in good quality brand products, so when I search for items online I always check the brand name and read customer reviews. Recently I was searching the web and thought that it would be nice to find somewhere Volcom clothing...and guess what? I went in secondhand shop - and there it was - in front of my eyes was hanging Volcom hat. I paid  $0.6 for brand new hat! In same shop bought Lightning McQueen sweater for my kid for $1.
My mom bought for me some boots for $1.50. When she gave them to me, I was screaming - almost brand new Gabor (I have Gabor heels in my work).
I also have Henry The Octopus 24'' soft toy in my closet, I am hiding it, so my kid does not see him. If it does not sells till Christmas it will be as Christmas present. The toy is "almost" brand new. I am saying "almost" because it is from second hand shop, with all tags attached, bought it for $3. Checked out online it is selling $50 and up.
If I worked in second hand shop, I probably would price Gabor, Peter Kaiser, Viking boots higher than Adidas, Nike and all other well known brands. That is because I know how valuable these things are. I do not care or you know how comfortable these shoes are. At online shop I found that the average price for Peter Kaiser is between $200-350 and Gabor $100-300. 

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