Saturday, December 8, 2012

Second Hand Shopping

As we know in nowadays second shop workers price brand products high. As Nike, Adidas, Puma, found some high priced Prada too. Yesterday, while I was in town visited three different second hand shops and found some good deals on branded clothing. I was looking at Peter Kaiser shoes who was priced for $1, but was really worn, so I left them in shelf,also left genuine leather boots in shelf (I had the same brand last year) they were also badly worn..
 I am interested in good quality brand products, so when I search for items online I always check the brand name and read customer reviews. Recently I was searching the web and thought that it would be nice to find somewhere Volcom clothing...and guess what? I went in secondhand shop - and there it was - in front of my eyes was hanging Volcom hat. I paid  $0.6 for brand new hat! In same shop bought Lightning McQueen sweater for my kid for $1.
My mom bought for me some boots for $1.50. When she gave them to me, I was screaming - almost brand new Gabor (I have Gabor heels in my work).
I also have Henry The Octopus 24'' soft toy in my closet, I am hiding it, so my kid does not see him. If it does not sells till Christmas it will be as Christmas present. The toy is "almost" brand new. I am saying "almost" because it is from second hand shop, with all tags attached, bought it for $3. Checked out online it is selling $50 and up.
If I worked in second hand shop, I probably would price Gabor, Peter Kaiser, Viking boots higher than Adidas, Nike and all other well known brands. That is because I know how valuable these things are. I do not care or you know how comfortable these shoes are. At online shop I found that the average price for Peter Kaiser is between $200-350 and Gabor $100-300. 

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