Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There Is Just A Candies!

I have always told to my relatives that my kid do not like sweets. He just do not like them. Probably he do not want them to eat because he tried his first candy when he was probably 1.5-2 years old. When we were unwrapping Christmas presents, there were pack of sweets from me. And two other from my aunt and from his grandmother. when grandmother told him to take the pack of candies he replied "There is just a candies and I already have one" I remember when I was kid I liked to get these bags of candies and I liked them a lot (that is why I had pretty bag tooth when I was children). when I was 5, I had all tooth damaged. And my kid in his 5, have no holes in tooth at all, his dentist asked him how it comes, you have so good teeth in your age? My boy replied, that his tooth like lot of carrots :)
He asked for Christmas skateboard and fishing rod. As I was on sick-leave one week in November and one in December, I got pretty little salary. So I will get skateboard for his birthday. ans my mother`s consort told that he will give fishing rod when he will be taken fishing.
It is pretty late so I need to get some sleep because my grandmother have birthday on December 26th.

P.S. I added my mother  as author to my blog. I do not want what she want to post here, but she told, that she do not want to create a new blog, so I gave my permission to post on my.

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