Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yesterday I bought this domain name for $10 for whole year. mostly I am writing only for me, as I do not have any visitors yet. I am searching through my laptop to try find some saved book reviews, but as it seems no, I have not saved any of them. I am so sorry about that, because one friend called me yesterday, cause he wanted to use my review of Ivars Sīlis - Nabagi Pilīs. He told, that he had no idea that I can make so fantastic book reviews. Yeah! Right!
He told that he wanted to use part of my review as an introduction to his research and add a reference to my blog. As I do not own (it even do not exist anymore) old blog, I couldn't help him. As far I only found review on my 5 year kid book, so parents may know what to expect from this book. I think that I may copy it to here. I will not do it today cause I need some sleep. We are visiting doctor on morning, and I have Birthday on December 19th. and also I need time to finish reading book and knitting pair of socks for my kid, as he is growing so fast.

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