Sunday, December 16, 2012

Too Much Beetroots? End Of The World? my kid is ill (again) I have to stay at home. my aunt went shopping and asked if I need anything from grocery shop. I told, that I need some beetroot for soup. She asked how many? and I thought that 4 would be nice as they are in little pack of 4 (already boiled and peeled) total weight is approx. 300 grams. She bought me 4 BIG boiled beetroot, total weight is over 1 kg. I placed them in fridge and thought that they will rot fast. So I took all of them, blended them and will use probably less than half of them. The other part I will place in plastic bag and store in freezer, maybe I will use them for some other dishes. Oh...the Birthday is coming. The real date is December 19th, but I will celebrate it with my two best female friends in December 21st. I told my friends that we will be celebrating "end of the world" too. Seriously? As I wrote in, there will be not end of the world in that date.
Look for Mayans after 12.21.2012, they will come back!...just kidding :)
There cannot be End Of The World - cause it is round. There can be only End Of Humanity!

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