Friday, March 29, 2013

The Complete Illustrated Stories of Hans Christian Andersen

This is the next book I am going to read!

My mother gave it to me Yesterday. She told me that she found it next to outdoors garbage can in a card-box..

It has no marks of use at all (as I found, it should be printed in 1985th).


First published in Great Britain in 1889 by George Routledge & Sons under the title Stories For The Household
This facsimile editoin published in 1983 by Chancellor Press, 59 Grosvenor Street, London, W1
Reprinted in 1984m 1985, 1987
All Rights Reserved
ISBN: 0907486266, 9780907486268
Printed in Austria

Summary from back cover:
All the illustrated stories of the immortal Hans Christian Andersen are included in this handsome volume, a facsimile reproduction of a collection which first appeared in 1889. More than a century after they were written, Andersen's stories retain their freshness, magic and power to amuse; told and retold over the years to generations of delighted listeners, they have become part of our heritage. Thumbelina, the wicked Snow Queen, the Emperor with his new clothes, the Ugly Duckling - these characters are our familiar friends.
All these classic fairy tales appear in this book, as well as over 100 other stories, accounts of Andersen's travels, and his short autobiography 'The Story of My Life' - 137 stories in total. More than 290 original engravings capture the special enchantment of the tales.
Every age group - whether children hearing Andersen's tales for the first time, or parents and grandparents rediscovering them as they read aloud - will find this book a pleasure to own.

Thanks to my mother that she found this book, and the biggest thanks to the person who left this book next to garbage can!

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