Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Am Stressed

next week my blog have one year anniversary . That means I need to pay for hosting again. Luckily, I have used my other bank card for payment so, I will be able to pay for automatic bill. Next Year the card will expire and I have to update my payment information, but there is a big problem... I cannot acces my google apps account. Why? Because I cannot log it with my google account data. Google apps ask to use other username, who I supposed to made when I purchased domain name. But I never did create email addres with happy-and-famous.com. Google told me to create it now. So I searched my gmail account and found my verification email and tried to create an emai and password. but the only thing I get was - Error: We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later. I was trying latre - actually I am trying for three days now. When it will be right time?
I checked that in google account I am registered as owner to my site and google agrees with it too. So where is the problem? I verified my ownership in two different ways, and still do not understand why there is a problem?
Contacted google and they told me that I should logg in my google apps also with my google account as it is ONE ACCOUNT FOR EVERYTHING related too google. I hope That next year will be not the last year of my website.

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