Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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 Wet wipes "Zero", for cleaning up pets, 40 pcs, white. I think I got one of the older packagings, because the wipes are stuck together in two. I have used the newer edition and there are no that problem any more. I used them for cleaning my kitchen table.

Wet wipes "Zero" are designed for cleaning the habitats of pets. They provide cleanliness in the home without compromising the health of your pet. Clean stains and dirt from the floor, furniture, tile and other surfaces. Have an antibacterial effect. After surface treatment, no rinsing with water is required. Pine oil perfectly removes smells and traces of vital activity of pets, has antibacterial effect. Lemon juice destroys unpleasant odors and well dissolves old stains, suitable for all surfaces. Leaves a pleasant scent on surfaces.

Producing countryRussia
MaterialNon-woven fiber
Product code4630007834610
Quantity in set40pcs
Product typeNapkin

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Lip Care with Nordic Berry Dry Lips, 4.8g. I got this for 0.65 EUR. I think shop is was getting rid of this product, because I saw it on Clearance on two local chain shops. 

  • Transforms dry lips into soft and nourished ones
  • Nourishes even dehydrated lips for soothed and lips every day
  • Lipcare with nordic berry dry and chapped lips
  • Clinically proven to work with skin's natural processes
  • Developed with dermatologists

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