Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Paclan Laundry Color Absorber 15pcs

When the color catching sheets first appeared in the Latvian market, I and my mum bought out all the nearest stores, because people didn't know the product yet.  I introduced my mum to this product long ago, when I was buying it online on eBay from the USA.
Then, one day my mum told that she spotted that product in some small shop. Then we started to buy the product in that small shop. Until they were out of the stock. And they told that they will not stock on that product in the future, because I and my mum were the only ones buying it.
So, we started buying them online, again.
Then, a while back, the distributor started delivering the Paclan brand to our store. And they fly like a wind. They restock it every two weeks, but sometimes it is gone already in a few days.
As I do laundry every evening I use two packs a month. But still, I wash my whites separately from other colors.

Thanks to the innovative material structure and soft cotton fibers, Paclan Color Absorber wipes catch colors during washing.
They have the power of absorbing colors.
Wash your favorite items calmly without fear of discoloration.
Save time and money - less sorting and full washing machine mean fewer expenses on water, powder, and electricity.

Paclan Laundry Color Absorber 15pcs, 5900942137510

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Neon Lighter Fluid 133ml

This is the only one perfect product for price tags and price tag glue remover.
It dissolves the price tag glue very fast, but you have to work fast on removing the price sticker, as it evaporates really fast.
This is even safe on plastics, like CD cases. it does not leave the matt and destroyed finishing on transparent plastics.
I bought another one, as I finished this one. I have a different brand in my store, but I did not want to take the risk, trying it out. Maybe I will buy the second brand in the future if we run out of stock of this one.
Neon Lighter Fluid 133ml

Neon Lighter Fluid 133ml, 6945794740012

Monday, October 21, 2019

MAYERI Sensitive Capsules for washing clothes 18pcs

MAYERI Sensitive Capsules for washing clothes 18pcs
This was the new product in my store. I decided to try it out.
As I am washing my clothes in cold water when they are not dirty, but only need refreshing, this was the right product.
And the price for 18 pieces is reasonable too.

Laundry capsules with three compartments that contain detergent, stain remover, and bleach. Capsules for washing colored and white linen in washing machines of any type. Effectively removes dirt when washing in hot and cool water. Fully soluble, do not leave residue on laundry or in the washing machine. Capsules contain Bitrex (a bitter substance that prevents a child from swallowing the capsule). It does not contain fragrances, dyes, and allergens, so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin and families with small children. The product has been awarded the environmental label Ecolabel and Nordic Swan

MAYERI Sensitive Capsules for washing clothes 18pcs, 6430034673118

Saturday, October 19, 2019


Concentrated laundry softener DUNA. It makes laundry gentle, soft and easy to iron. DUNA has an antistatic effect and keeps freshness in the laundry for a long time. It leaves laundry with a pleasant and fresh aroma of mountains. DŪNA is intended for 21 washing cycles.
Ingredients: cationic surfactants >5% <15%, perfume (Hexyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, d-Limonene), Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone.
Capacity: 750 ml
Package: 6 pieces
Palette: 576 pieces
Barcode: 4750104001187


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Laundry softener Marine Fresh 1L

Laundry softener Marine Fresh 1L

This was as a replacement I bought wit coupon. Usually, I am buying laundry softeners in my shot, but I had some discount coupons for this, and I tried it out.  I  liked it.
this is a local grocery store Private Label product.

Barcode: 4752050211153
Quantity: 1.0 l
Category: Laundry Softeners

5 - 15% cationic surfactants, fragrance
Country of origin: Denmark.

Laundry softener Marine Fresh 1L, 4752050211153

October TBR

I was in some reading slump in September. I have finished just one book this month. This book was Legal Tender by Lisa Scottoline.
I think it is because I have already finished my Goodreads reading challenge. Still, I have four books on my October TBR list. Three is from September and one is added.

All the books I will not able to finish this month, I will read the next month and add some more books to next month's TBR.

Send Your Name To Mars

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