Friday, July 19, 2019

Belizna bleach for white and colored fabrics

Belizna bleach for white and colored fabrics.

Information: White bleach for white and colored cotton, linen, viscose fabrics. It is applied both to a hand wash and in washing machines. Removes stains from coffee, tea, berries, wine, fruit.
Method of application: Hand wash: 30 g bleach (1.5 tablespoons) dissolved in 10 liters water, put washed clothes, bring to a boil and turn off. Let stand for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, then rinse.
Washing machine: Use with any type of washing powder; add 1 table. spoon in the powder compartment. Next, wash at a temperature of 80-90ºC following the instructions to the washing machine.30g bleach designed for 2 kg dry laundry.
Precautionary measures: To store in densely closed packing, in the dry place, at a temperature not higher than 30ºC, separately from foodstuff, in the place, inaccessible for children. In case of contact with eyes or skin, wash with water. When handwashing clothes, persons with individual sensitivity are recommended to wear rubber gloves, before and after using the product, apply the cream on the skin of the hands.
Ingredients: Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate> 30%, sodium carbonate> 30%.
Manufacturer: GRINFILD RUS LLC. Jur. Address: Russia, 115230, Moscow, Kashirskoye Highway, 3, kor.1. tel. (495) 232-20-15. Production address: GRINFILD RUS LLC, Russia, 141101, Moscow Region, Schelkovo, ul. Factory, 1, under the control of MERYL Ltd UK HIPOINT, Thomas Street, TAUNTON, SOMERSET TA2 6HB,

Belizna bleach for white and colored fabrics, 4607017940709

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Perfekt Color Laundry Capsules 26pcs

Perfekt Color Laundry Capsules 26pcs

Effectively removes stains
High washing properties
Contains no insoluble matter
Helps maintain bright colors for a long time
Softens the water

Brand: Perfekt
Type: Washing capsules
Volume, weight or number: 26 capsules
Application type: For washing machines

Perfekt Color Laundry Capsules 26pcs, 4751027480059

Monday, July 15, 2019

Feared by Lisa Scottoline

This is the second book I have read by Lisa Scottoline.
The first was Everywhere That Mary Went.
I may be obsessed with the character, Maria DiNunzio. I assume that it is better to read the books in series consecutive to follow the character development, but I did break that rule.
I bought Feared last year, as I got pamphlet in the mailbox. I usually get pamphlets late, because I live in Latvia. I bought the book the same day I got pamphlet in the mailbox. I bought Legal Tender that day too. Although paperbacks are cheaper I do prefer hardbacks over them, as I think the shelf life of hardbacks in longer than paperbacks.
Now, to the book.
I started to read the book back in May, but I was busy with my kid school year ending, so I did not have much time to read.
I re-started reading recently and finished it yesterday.
As I remember from Everywhere That Mary Went, there were sudden plot twists. You never know who the murderer was. As always, unexpected.
I rated this book with 5 stars on Goodreads.
The bibliography can be found here. Under that link is also the books I have read from Lisa Scottoline. These books are strikethrough.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Karelia Organica - Bio Balsam "Organic Sea Buckthorn" With Phyto-keratin Deep Regeneration and Nutrition

Karelia Organica - Bio Balsam "Organic Sea Buckthorn" With Phyto-keratin Deep Regeneration and Nutrition. 

I do like Karelia Organica shampoos and hair conditioners. I think I run out of this pretty quick because of my butt-long hair.
This product has the specific smell of Sea Buckthorn, and there are only two options - you like or hate it! I am the first selection.
I dod finish this product while back and forgot about the empty bottle.

Bio shampoo created on the basis of the sea buckthorn and plant-derived Phyto-keratin intensively nourishes hair, gives it shine, softness and also renews dry and damaged ends.

Karelia Organica - Bio Balsam "Organic Sea Buckthorn" With Phyto-keratin Deep Regeneration and Nutrition, 4620012091856

Friday, July 12, 2019

Naviga Men Care Cooling Shaving Foam 200ml

I have finished this product and bought another one from the same manufacturer.
I do buy men's products because they are cheaper than the ones manufactured for women.
These come in sizes 100-400ml. I did have 200ml packaging.
Naviga Men Care Cooling Shaving Foam, 8699104134432

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dental Mouthwash Anti-caries 500ml

My kid finished using this and I noticed, that it was already expired in February. That means only one thing - I did buy it when it was already past expiration date.
Still, he loved the product.
Non-alcoholic mouthwash
Designed for hygiene and prophylaxis of teeth and oral cavity.
Keeps teeth healthy and keeps fresh breath.
Mint flavor leaves a lasting sense of purity and freshness.

Dental Mouthwash Anti-caries 500ml, 3800038926238