Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Margarita Shampoo With Nettle Extract for Normal and Greasy Hair

Would you like to keep your hair clean for longer? Margarita shampoo with nettle extract will take care of this. Women have long used a decoction of nettle to strengthen hair. Nettle extract stops hair loss, keeps it clean, gives the hair vitality, natural shine, and friability. The shampoo is suitable for daily use. Dermatologists tested.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Duo-capsules for washing Persil Color 28 pcs

Henkel is a global leader in the brands and technologies of three globally active business lines: detergents and cleaners, cosmetics, and adhesive technology. The company headquarters is located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Convenience is a key element of modern life. That's why Persil made the dream of easy laundry come true. He placed the detergent in a uniquely shaped two-chamber capsule. And this made the washing process incredibly simple. Persil's first double-chamber, metered-dose concentrated laundry detergent capsuleIt's a powerful combination of stain remover and formula that preserves color vibrancy - for spotlessly clean items.

Persil capsules are exceptionally easy to use.

The capsule quickly dissolves in water and 100% of the active ingredients are sent to the very heart of your wash.

The formula is four times more concentrated than laundry detergent and twice as concentrated as laundry gel.

EAN: 9000101095074

Cat candy Anti hairball 60g ICA

 Cat candy Anti hairball 60g ICA

Composition Cereals (at least 4% malt), meat and animal by-products (at least 4% beef), oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish products, vegetable by-products (at least 4% oat fiber), minerals, milk, and dairy products. Additives per kg Nutritional supplements: Vitamin A 9000 IU, vitamin D3 630 IU, vitamin E 90 mg. Analytical constituents Crude protein 31.0%, crude oil and crude fat 20.0%, vegetable fiber / fiber 4.0%, crude ash 5.0%. Storage Store dry and cool, not above normal room temperature. Close the bag after opening. Feeding instructions are given as candy/reward. Adapt to your cat's total nutritional needs. Make sure your cat always has access to freshwater. Use within a few days after opening the package.

Other information

ICA has the ambition to always give you the right information. Minor changes in the contents of the products can occur over time and we, therefore, ask you to always check the information on the product's packaging before use.
EAN: 7318690119159

Top Choice Hair accessories Terry bands, beige-brown 2 pcs

 hair scrunchies

set - 2 pcs.
material: polyester

Moroccan Mint Orange Body Scrub with cooling effect Hammam organic oils

Moroccan cooling body scrub Mint Orange, enriched with orange oil, wild mint, and macadamia effectively cleanses the skin, making it smooth and giving a feeling of coolness and freshness.
Moroccan orange oil activates microcirculation and promotes the active elimination of toxins.
Wild mint oil has a cooling effect, improves skin tone and elasticity.
Organic macadamia oil restores skin elasticity, restores its natural tone and elasticity.

Dalan Liquid Soap Rose And Almond 400ml

One of the best international fragrances, wild roses aroma coupled with moisture-rich almond oil - leaves your hands well moisturized and fragranced. Wild roses have been abundantly used since the history for therapeutic and aromatherapy uses. Rose oil is high in antioxidants, has stress-relieving properties, and provides moisturizing to the skin. Almond oil is known for its high vitamin e-content, antioxidants, anti-aging properties, provides relief from acne, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads, and has excellent skin moisturizing properties when used in soap. Almond oil soap is good for softening the skin by nourishing it with vitamin e and protects our skin from damaging ultraviolet lights. Almond oil soap is rich in antioxidants that are really essential for healthy skin and to manage free radicals. Sold in over 30+ countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Dalan products are now available in India through our sole importer m or s Soumya and have also been approved by cisco, the sole drug control authority in India for the regulation of imported cosmetics in India.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Miss Clo 3D Toilet Bowl Freshener

Miss Clo 3D Toilet Bowl Freshener
  • weight: 40g or 80g
  • available fragrance versions:
  • packaging: label + blister, can be purchased without packaging
  • the specially selected ingredients of the block wash the toilet bowl and prevent the accumulation of sediments; during each flush, they form an abundant foam and emit a refreshing fragrance
  • how to use: hang in the toilet bowl so that the water can flow freely through the basket
  • 5901332001602

Molped Hygiene Pads, Maxi Soft Long 8

Soft cotton surfaces. Comfort during the day on your skin with breathable quality. Full fit with your garment with a leak-proof shape. The absorbent area absorbs fluid quickly. Maximum dryness during the day. Maximum reliability with an adaptive shape to the body.
EAN: 8690536825509

Slim Line Dietary Supplement Powder

"SLIM LINE" is a powdered dietary supplement for weight loss and cholesterol, intestinal function, made from rye fiber and glucomannan. In an energy-reduced diet, glucomannan promotes weight loss. Glucomannan helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Rye fiber promotes normal bowel function.

Important! It is recommended to drink plenty of water and eat energy-reduced diets, which are set by the European Commission (EC). There is a risk of choking if a person has difficulty swallowing or if the substance is ingested without drinking enough fluids. Do not use a food supplement as a substitute for a complete and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Nutritional supplement for weight and cholesterol reduction, intestinal function.

Glucomannan (konjac mannan) - a polysaccharide obtained from the rhizomes of Amorphophallus konjac (anthurium). This plant, which grows in Japan, fills the stomach with dietary fiber and thus causes a feeling of satiety. A person feels less hungry, so he eats less food. This dietary supplement contains rye fiber, which helps maintain normal bowel function. Glucomannan helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, with 4g of glucomannan taken daily. It is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of water to ensure that the substance reaches the stomach.

Usage: Adults take 1 sachet 3 times a day, children from 7 years of age take 1 sachet 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals, drinking 1-2 glasses of water. The product can also be added to food (yogurt, porridge, salads, etc.). 4 sachets a day are used to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use a food supplement as a substitute for a complete and balanced diet. Store out of the reach of children, in a dry place, not above + 25 ° C. Protect from moisture.

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

 The prefix "bio" in the name of the company is not related to the bio-agricultural origin of the product but indicates the bioavailability of the food supplement and its biochemical nature.


Manufacturer: Nexira, 129 chemin de Croisset - CS 94151, 76723 Rouen Cedex, France 

EAN: 4779031620155

Backpulver Ruf 15g

 Backpulver Ruf 15g

Baking powder.Ingredients: Acidity regulator diphosphate, disintegrant sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch.Store in a dry, cool place. Recommended until: see on the packaging. Made in Germany.


Aviko Bistro Pom 'Patati Potato Smileys 450g

Aviko Bistro Pom 'Patati Potato Smileys 450g


-12 ° C 1 month,

-18 ° C best before: see the date on the package.

Deep-frozen product. Protect against thawing. The defrosted product does not qualify for re-freezing.


  • potatoes (EU origin)
  • vegetable oils (sunflower 40%, rapeseed, palm)
  • rice flour
  • salt
  • glucose
  • stabilizer (E464)
  • spice extract

Package size: 450 g Average measure (e)

Numerical Dimension: 450

Packaging Type: Bag

EAN: 8710449914654

Sunday, March 20, 2022



Manufacturer: Diana Sveces SIA

EAN: 4750746007660

BiOHY Mop 40 cm | Chenille Mop | Microfibre Mop Blue (Single) | Ideal for Cleaning Sensitive and Smooth Surfaces

✅ NATURALLY CLEAN: Our BiOHY mop shines with its high-quality workmanship and excellent cleaning power. The soft and fine chenille surface is ideal for cleaning sensitive and smooth surfaces that scratch easily
✅ NATURALLY VERSATILE: Our mop can easily be used for dry, damp, or wet floor cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Equipped for all eventualities!
✅ NATURALLY PRACTICAL: With its 40 cm length, the mop fits perfectly on all common folding holders. It also guarantees a secure hold and easy clamping thanks to its reinforced pockets
 ✅NATURAL BiOHY: Our BiOHY products love purity just as much as they do the environment, people, and animals. They are effective, sustainable, and deliberately economical to use

Prymat Dried Oregano 8g

 Prymat Oregano dried 8 g

Oregano has a slightly bitter taste. It is widely used in Italian, Spanish, and Mexican cuisines. It perfectly diversifies the taste of vegetables, fish, seafood, and salads. It cannot be missing from spaghetti or pizza.

Herbs and spices are full of aromas

Store in a dry and shaded place.

EAN CODE: 5901135041157

Aura Baby wet wipes with valve 100pcs

Aura wet wipes are designed with all the needs of babies and their mothers in mind. They are made of natural, soft, and very gentle material. The formula of the lotion is hypoallergenic and does not contain alcohol. Contains aloe extract, known for its soothing properties.
EAN: 4751023292366

Latex gloves Rosa M

 Latex gloves Rosa M

Maintaining cleanliness and order in your own kitchen is sometimes a real nut. But once you bet on reliable helpers, your everyday life becomes a little easier. You will simply fall in love with their practicality and usefulness. Package contains 1 pair of gloves = 2 pcs.
EAN: 5902719595554


Fiskars FF Soft cheese Slicer

 FISKARS Functional Form soft cheese cutter

  • Easily cuts even slices of cheese

Product dimensions:

  • length: 170 mm
  • width: 75 mm
  • weight: 38 g
EAN: 6424002001850


 Flat mop with microfiber stick Practical

The strip mop is made of high-quality material. It has a plastic fixed stick with a length of 110 cm and a microfiber insert. Perfect for wet cleaning of surfaces. It is irreplaceable in every home.

Product features

- microfiber insert,

- perfect for wet cleaning of flat surfaces,

- facilitates cleaning,

- irreplaceable in every home.

Product dimensions

overlay dimensions:

- length 40.5 cm,

- width 10 cm,

- stick length 110 cm.

EAN: 5901832336334

Dermacol Aroma Ritual Black Cherry Shower Gel 250 ml

About this item

  • Aroma Ritual Shower Gel Black Cherry - Dermacol
  • Aroma Ritual Shower Gel Black Cherry - Shower Gel for Women
  • An exclusive Dermacol product

FITMIN Cat for Life Kitten 1,8 kg

 FITMIN Cat for Life Kitten 1,8 kg

EAN: 8595237014941

Weight1.8 kg
Includes vitaminsVitamin D3
Pet life stagePregnancy and lactation of mother and young kittens
Pet specific needsNo specific needs
Crude fibers1.5%
Fat content23%
Crude ash7.3%
Moisture content10%

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Barley Mushroom Risotto

Barley Mushroom Risotto.

Barley Mushroom Risotto


You can Get Directions Here

FRUNET Pineapple selection piece 2 kg approximate weight


Pineapple selection piece 2 kg approximate weight

  • Category: first
  • Company name: TORRES HERMANOS SUCS. SA




Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Silan Soft & Oils Sweat Magnolia 750ml 30 washes

Silan Soft & Oils Sweat Magnolia, 750ml, 30 washes

Your clothes deserve the most careful and delicate care.
Silan Soft & Oils offers a variety of precious fragrances, created especially for the fascinating care of your clothes, and the new fabric care formula gives an extraordinary softness.
A precious rose fragrance with a fresh and fruity note for an extraordinary experience.


The shape/texture Liquid
Type of laundry colors
Use Wet clothes
Perfume Magnolia
Number of washes 30
Amount of 750 ml
properties Facilitate ironing

Friday, March 11, 2022

Zuru X-Shot 36421 X-Shot Combo Pack: includes Turbo Fire, Xcess TK12, 1x Reflex 6, 96 darts

  • X-Shot Turbo Combo Pack: Contains 1x Turbo Fire, 1x Xcess TK12, 1x Reflex 6, 96 Darts
  • Shoots up to 27 m
  • - X-Shot Turbo Fire with continuous fire function and space for 20 darts
  • X-Shot Xcess TK12 Double Space Drums (12 Darts)
  • - X-Shot Reflex 6 with rotating drum and space for 6 darts
BrandZuru X-Shot
Item Dimensions L x W x H81 x 13 x 48.5 centimetres
Age range (description)8+

Treat for adult cats Purina Felix Party Ocean Mix with salmon, trout flavor 60g

 Enjoy communication with your pet more often thanks to the delicacy Felix Party Mix (Felix Party Mix)! Felix Party Mix Treat is a complementary dry cat food that makes a delicious addition to your daily diet and allows you to pamper your pet whenever you feel like it.

In each package, you will find amazing aromatic granules with an excellent taste and mouth-watering texture! And that is not all! Felix Party Mix treats contain proteins, vitamins, and omega-6 fatty acids to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Offer your pet other flavors of Felix Party Mix treats - enjoy the delicious variety together!

Ingredients: Meat and animal by-products (32%), cereals, animal fat, vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives (2%, of which - 0.5% salmon, 0.5% trout, 0.2% pollock), minerals, yeast.

Nutrient feed additives:
IU/kg (IU/kg): Vitamin A: 32000; Vitamin D3 1040; Vitamin E: 170
mg/kg (mg/kg): Ferrous sulfate: (Fe: 84); Calcium iodate: (I: 1.3) Copper sulfate: (Cu: 8.8) Manganese sulfate: (Mn 30) Zinc sulfate: (Zn 77) Sodium selenite: (Se: 0.091). Dyes, antioxidants, preservatives, flavoring.
Nutrients: crude protein: 35.5%, crude fat: 19.5%, crude ash 9.0%, crude fiber: 0.5%, omega-6 fatty acids 2.6%.

Feeding recommendations (per day): Adult cat weighing 4 kg/kg - up to 13 g/g of treats, or about 35 treats per day. Fresh clean drinking water should be available to the animal at all times. Be close to the cat during feeding. To keep the animal healthy, follow the feeding recommendations and adjust the amount of the main food accordingly.

Store in a cool dry place. Pick-up date, production date, factory serial number, and lot number: See bottom of the package.
EAN: 7613034119841

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