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Keep Your Spaces Spotless with Sano Spray and Wipe Universal Cleaner

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and grime with Sano Spray and Wipe Universal Cleaner – your go-to solution for quick and efficient cleaning of all surfaces. With its powerful formula and versatile application, this award-winning cleaner is a must-have for every household.

Description: Sano Spray and Wipe Universal Cleaner is a concentrated hygiene product designed for the rapid cleaning of various surfaces without the need for washing. From kitchen countertops to bathroom tiles, this cleaner effortlessly removes dirt and grease while leaving behind a sparkling, antibacterial finish.


  • Universal cleaner suitable for all surfaces, including slabs, kitchen cabinets, sinks, tables, doors, walls, and furniture coated with plastic and veneers
  • Concentrated formula effectively removes dirt and grease with ease
  • Antibacterial properties ensure a hygienic clean, eliminating harmful bacteria and germs
  • Refillable pack for eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solutions
  • Platinum Mark awarded by the Israel Standards Institute, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance

Method of Application: Using Sano Spray and Wipe Universal Cleaner is quick and straightforward. Simply sprinkle the desired surface with the cleaner and wipe away the dirt and grime. For optimal results, it's recommended to test the product's colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before use.

Product Details:

  • Volume: 500 ml
  • EAN: 7290000292427

Conclusion: Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Sano Spray and Wipe Universal Cleaner and elevate your cleaning routine to new heights. Whether you're tackling everyday spills or deep cleaning tasks, this versatile cleaner delivers unparalleled results with every use. Say hello to spotless surfaces and a healthier, happier home with Sano Spray and Wipe.

Unveil Your Natural Beauty with Max Factor Honey Lacquer Lip Gloss in Honey Nude

 Indulge in the perfect fusion of color, shine, and hydration with Max Factor Honey Lacquer Lip Gloss in the irresistible shade of Honey Nude. This innovative lip gloss offers more than just a pop of color – it's a luxurious blend of makeup and lip care that leaves your lips looking and feeling their best.

Description: Max Factor Honey Lacquer Lip Gloss redefines lip gloss with its unique formula, combining the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lip gloss, and the hydration of a lip balm. Say goodbye to dry, dull lips and hello to smooth, supple perfection with every application.


  • Intense pigmentation for a tempting, shiny finish that creates the illusion of fuller lips
  • Infused with moisturizing ingredients to intensely hydrate and smooth lips
  • Provides long-lasting color with a high-gloss shine for a luscious pout
  • Available in the appetizing shade of Honey Nude, perfect for enhancing your natural beauty
  • Compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go touch-ups and travel

Product Details:

  • EAN: 8005610433967
  • Size: 3.8ml
  • Color: Honey Nude

How To Use: For a flawless finish, simply apply Max Factor Honey Lacquer Lip Gloss directly to your lips using the applicator wand. Start from the center and glide outward for even coverage and maximum impact. Reapply as desired throughout the day for continuous hydration and color.

Conclusion: Max Factor Honey Lacquer Lip Gloss in Honey Nude is more than just a lip gloss – it's a statement of effortless beauty and confidence. Treat yourself to the luxurious experience of intense color, irresistible shine, and nourishing hydration, all in one sleek tube. Elevate your makeup routine and unleash your natural allure with Max Factor Honey Lacquer Lip Gloss.

Elevate Your Lash Game with Eyeko London YOGA WATERPROOF MASCARA

 Indulge in the ultimate lash transformation with Eyeko London YOGA WATERPROOF MASCARA. This innovative mascara offers more than just bold lashes – it's a workout-friendly, vegan formula enriched with nourishing ingredients for a lash-loving experience like no other.

Description: Eyeko London YOGA WATERPROOF MASCARA is your go-to solution for curled, lifted lashes that last. Whether you're hitting the gym, braving the elements, or simply going about your day, this mascara delivers long-lasting wear without smudging or flaking.


  • Waterproof and workout-friendly formula for all-day wear
  • Vegan society registered, ensuring ethical and cruelty-free beauty
  • Enriched with matcha green tea and botanical fruit extracts for lash conditioning
  • Lotus flower-inspired brush extends, lifts, and curls lashes for a wide-eyed look
  • Leaves lashes feeling soft, supple, and nourished
  • Ideal for both everyday wear and active lifestyles, providing versatile performance

How To Use: Unlock multiple looks with Eyeko London YOGA WATERPROOF MASCARA's versatile wand. Begin by using the bulbous bottom for added volume, then switch to the straight tip to lengthen and define lashes with precision.

Ingredients: Crafted with a blend of high-quality ingredients, including matcha green tea, and botanical fruit extracts, this mascara not only beautifies but also cares for your lashes. Its innovative formula is free from harmful chemicals and dyes, making it suitable for even the most sensitive eyes.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Eyeko
  • Volume: 4ml
  • Origin: Made in South Korea
  • EAN: 5060050426453

Elevate your lash game to new heights with Eyeko London YOGA WATERPROOF MASCARA. Whether you're aiming for natural-looking lashes or dramatic eye-catching effects, this mascara delivers unparalleled performance with its waterproof, vegan formula and nourishing ingredients. Embrace long-lasting wear and lash conditioning in one convenient tube.

Isispharma Dermatologie Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF 50+ Tinted

 As the sun's rays become increasingly intense, protecting our skin from harmful UV radiation is more important than ever. Enter Isispharma Dermatologie Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF 50+ Tinted – a revolutionary sun care solution designed to provide unparalleled protection for even the most intolerant skin.

Description: Isispharma Dermatologie Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF 50+ Tinted (Dark Shade) is a dermatologically tested facial sun cream that offers very high sun protection in a tinted formula suitable for darker skin tones. This water-resistant and photostable cream is ideal for both face and body, ensuring long-lasting protection against UVA and UVB rays.


  • Provides very high sun protection (SPF 50+)
  • Tinted formula for a dark shade, catering to various skin tones
  • Suitable for use on both face and body
  • Water-resistant and photostable, ensuring prolonged protection
  • Ideal for adults, pregnant women, children, and babies
  • Minimalist, fragrance-free formula to minimize the risk of reactions

Usage Instructions: To make the most of this exceptional sun protection, simply apply Isispharma Dermatologie Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF 50+ Tinted to your face and body at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply frequently, especially after swimming, sweating, or towel-drying, to maintain optimal protection throughout the day.

Ingredients: The cream is formulated with ingredients like Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, and Glycerin, providing effective protection without compromising on skin health. Its minimalist, fragrance-free formula helps reduce the risk of reactions, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Product Details:

  • Expiration Date: 02/2025
  • EAN: 3760269770287
  • Volume: 40ml

Conclusion: Don't let harmful UV rays take a toll on your skin. Embrace the superior sun protection offered by Isispharma Dermatologie Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF 50+ Tinted (Dark Shade) and enjoy the sun safely, knowing your skin is shielded against damage. Protecting your skin has never been easier – or more stylish!

Saturday, April 27, 2024

REINA Classic White 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 1 Roll

REINA Classic White 2-Ply Toilet Paper offers essential personal hygiene with a touch of comfort and softness for everyday use. This classic toilet paper is designed to provide gentle care while ensuring effective cleanliness. Each roll features a generous length of 22 meters, providing long-lasting convenience for households and commercial settings alike.


  • Two-Layer Design: The toilet paper is crafted with a classic two-layer structure, offering a balance of strength and softness for comfortable use.
  • Roll Length: Each roll contains 22 meters of toilet paper, ensuring ample supply for continuous use.
  • White Color: The toilet paper features a classic white color, adding a clean and crisp appearance to any bathroom decor.
  • Tenderness and Comfort: REINA prides itself on providing tenderness and comfort for everyday use, enhancing the overall bathroom experience.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for personal hygiene needs in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial establishments.
  • Reliable Quality: Manufactured to high standards, REINA toilet paper is designed to deliver consistent quality and performance.


  • Product: REINA Classic White 2-Ply Toilet Paper
  • Quantity: 1 Roll
  • Layers: 2-Ply
  • Roll Length: 22 meters
  • Color: White
  • EAN (European Article Number): 4604909000244

Anna Zaradna Rubber Gloves Size M

 Anna Zaradna Rubber Gloves in Size M offer reliable protection for your hands during various household tasks. With a cuff design and pastel green color, these gloves not only shield your hands from dirt but also provide a barrier against contact with cleaning chemicals and other potentially harmful substances. Crafted from natural rubber, these gloves are resistant to tearing and abrasion, ensuring durability and longevity.


  • Cuff Design: The gloves feature a cuff that effectively seals around the wrist, providing comprehensive protection against dirt and chemicals.
  • Cotton Lining: Inside the glove, a soft cotton lining prevents hands from sweating, ensuring comfort during extended use.
  • Knurled Interior: The gloves are knurled on the inside, enhancing grip precision and making it easier to handle objects securely.
  • Natural Rubber Construction: Made from natural rubber, these gloves offer flexibility, resilience, and resistance to tearing and abrasion.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of household tasks, including cleaning, dishwashing, gardening, and more.
  • Easy Maintenance: After use, simply rinse the gloves under running water and allow them to air dry for reuse.


  • Dimensions (Approximate):
    • Length: 0.2 - 0.5 cm
    • Width: 15 cm
    • Height: 26.5 cm
  • Quantity: 1 pair
  • Color: Pastel green
  • Material: Natural rubber with cotton lining
  • EAN (European Article Number): 5903936010752

Usage Instructions:

  1. Ensure hands are dry before wearing the gloves.
  2. Put on the gloves, ensuring they fit comfortably and securely.
  3. Use the gloves for various household tasks as needed.
  4. After use, rinse the gloves under running water to remove any dirt or residue.
  5. Allow the gloves to air dry thoroughly before storing them for future use.

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