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Roadside Picnik by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Roadside Picnic was written in 1971. Published in English in 1977.
The novel is about life after Aliens "Visitation" to Earth and most of it is about Redrick Schuhart (Red), stalker who search for artifacts for profits.
Roadside Picnic was refused publication in book form in the Soviet Union for eight years due to government censorship. Censored versions published between 1980-1990 was very departed from original version. My book was published in 1987 and probably it is the censored one.
the novel was nominated for  John W. Campbell Award for best fiction novel in 1978 and won second place.


From Beyond 
Land of Crimson Clouds Publisher: AST (2004)
The Way to Amalthea Publisher: AST : AST MOSKVA (2009)
Noon: 22nd Century Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co; First edition (September 1978)
Space Apprentice (MacMillan's Best of Soviet science fiction) Publisher: Macmillan (December 31, 1981)
Escape Attempt (Macmillan's Best of Soviet Science Fiction) Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co., NY & Collier Macmillan, London; 1st edition (May 1982)
Far Rainbow Publisher: Mir Publishers (1967)
Hard to be a God Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd; First UK Edition edition (April 3, 1975)
Monday Begins on Saturday Publisher: DAW; First Thus edition (November 15, 1977)
The Final Circle of Paradise Publisher: DAW (November 16, 1976)
Disquiet Publisher: General Books LLC (6/12/2010)
The Snail on the Slope Publisher: Bantam Books (Mm) (August 1989)
The Ugly Swans Publisher: Collier Macmillan Ltd; 1st Collier books ed edition (September 4, 1980)
The Second Invasion from Mars Publisher: Collier Macmillan Ltd; New edition edition (March 1981)
Tale Of The Troika Publisher: Macmillan (1977)
Prisoners of Power (Best of Soviet SF) Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company (August 1977)
Hotel Dead Mountaineer Otel U pogibshego alpinista Publisher: AST (2009)
Space Mowgli Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co., NY & Collier Macmillan, London; 1st edition (May 1982)
Roadside Picnic Publisher: Chicago Review Press; First Edition edition (May 1, 2012)
The Kid From Hell Publisher: Stalker (2005)
Definitely Maybe Publisher: Collier; 1st Printing edition (March 1, 1979)
The Doomed City
Tale of Friendship and Non-friendship
Beetle in the Anthill Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co; First Edition edition (October 1980)
Limping Fate Publisher: Stalker, 2004
The Time Wanderers Publisher: St Martins Mass Market Paper (May 1988)
Overburdened with Evil
The White Cone of the Alaid
The Mu Man
The Gigantic Fluctuation
Wanderers and Travelers

Short stories originally published in Six Matches:
Six Matches
Spontaneous Reflex
Forgotten Experiment
The Examination of SCYBER
Special Assumptions
An Emergency Case

Short stories originally published as part of the novel Noon: 22nd Century:
Night on Mars
Almost the Same
The Conspirators
Two from the Taimyr
The Moving Roads
Langour of the Spirit
The Assaultmen
Deep Search
Pilgrims and Wayfarers
The Planet with all the Conveniences
The Mystery of the Hind Leg
Natural Science in the Spirit World
Candles Before the Control Board
The Meeting
What You Will Be Like

Arkady Strugatsky under the pseudonym S. Yaroslavtsev (C. Ярославцев):
The Expedition into Inferno
The Details of Nikita Vorontsov's Life
Devil amongst people Publisher: AST (2007)

y Boris Strugatsky under the pseudonym S. Vititsky (С. Витицкий):
Search for Designation or Twenty Seventh Theorem of Ethics
The Powerless that be

Hope you will find something interesting from their works! Keep reading!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Space Mowgli By arkady And Boris Strugatsky

I am trying to write something about this novel, while watching TV show. And it is a big mistake. I cannot think what I want to write. I even lost my all ideas while watching TV. Now something about novel.
Novel describes events in 2160. story is told by Stanislav Popov, a space ship technican. the crew consists of 4 members - Stanislav Popov, Maya Glumova, Gennady Komov and Yakov Vandehuze.
Maya - woman can be Latvian, because she have Latvian name Maija (Maya).
As crew is working on planet, they finds that there is crushed space ship with two dead bodies. But there had to be three of them, a little baby. They found, that baby (now 12 years old) has survived, but someone has changed his body, probably it was changed so kid may live on planet where air temperature is -10-2 C.
Kid learned to talk in 4 hours after he met humans. he wanted to know answers on many questions. The novel ends with conversation between Popov and kid. Popov left one of his robots on planet so kid may call him every time. And after that they spend a lot of time video-talking.
Space Mowgli was translated in English and is published as story in Escape Attempt

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