Sunday, November 23, 2014


As Christmas is coming too soon, I am already in gift hunting. I have made three different wish-lists in Amazon. One is for my kid, one is for myself with things I want to buy, and third is for "what I hope to receive at Christmas". I asked relatives what they want/need as gift for Christmas, and the common answer is "I don't know".
What if I gift them this "I don't know"? will they be disappointed? Just write an email, or facebook message telling that you would like to receive socks, doll, purse... and I can choose from that list.
If Santa Claus doesn't know what to buy, I can give a link to my wish-list, there are 59 items included.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gliss Kur Express Repair Conditioner Total Repair

I have previously used this one. I got it from online drugstore and it was shipped from UK. I run out of it and found it in local drugstore. But I didn't like the last one I bought. No results at all. I have heard that a lot of companies make their products for Europe and for Eastern Europe. For Eastern Europe the quality is not so good. As it have been proved before, if you want something good then buy it abroad.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You Shouldn't Trust Aliexpress Sellers

So, I have bought lot of Aliexpress in past years. sometimes you get crap for the price you paid. sometimes it is all right. i live in small town and now I am not the only one who buys stuff there (I used to). And I do not like that I see the same dress on three different girls the same day.
I liked to buy things on Aliexpress, but I stopped it. Last time I got bath towels I was disappointed. I saw new trend, whitch is microfibre bath towels. and I wanted couple of them as they absorb water pretty well. I did some research and there was couple sellerw who offered the size and color I wanted. I asked seller how thick they are and he replied that they have the same thickness as regular terry bath towel. and that was the last time I trusted the seller.
I got the towels 4 weeks later and they are so thin, that my toilet paper is thicker. they absorb water from body very well, bet it is not supposed to dry your hair. First time I used this towel, I had to take another for my hairs. Probably will never use them again. I contacted the seller, he offered to return it, but it it is so expensive to send them back.

P.S I found that (as I do not like shopping in local store) is pretty good for me too. And the shipping is so fast. And you can get everything delivered to you.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


This month I finished two haircare products. I have lot of products so I used them for more than six months. One is Syoss Glossing Shine-Seal Conditioner. I do not know or it is intended to use everyday or not. I liked it, and I used it twice a week as conditioner. I have pretty oily hair, especially during the summer, so I wash my hair every two days. The rest of time I was using conditioner from Natura Siberica (still using) and Keune Care Line Intensive Hair Repair.

After using Keune hair mask, my hair was so soft. You have to hold it in your hair for five minutes and then rinse it out. I used it once a week, mostly on Sunday evenings. It will last so long, because you do not have to use it much, as it is very easy to apply to long hair too.
People who are around me, knows that I do not use face make-up lot, but I can spend a lot of money on haircare products.
I tried to find Syoss conditioner on amazon, but I didn't find it, so if you want it you will have to stand up and go to check your local store. When I bought mine, I asked shop assistant if they have shampoo to, and she replied that they never had. So keep looking!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


some time ago I bought a Heelys for my boy. He tried them only once and told "I don't like them, I do not know how to ride". Now it is the third month and they still are in the corner of my room. i asked if he can try them another time, but no, he is not going to wear them. So I am selling these on ebay (with allowance of my kid).
If you are interested, you can find them here

Saturday, April 19, 2014

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo 250ml

It took almost forever to write some reviews. I have used lot of hair products in past few months. I am always trying some new things to find right ones for my hair. As I wash my hair almost every day, I run out of shampoo very fast. Last one I have used is John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo 250ml.
My brother bought it for me, and I like the fresh smell and that shampoo is transparent. My hair was so shiny after using it, I didn't notice if if gave some volume too. Probably it was because I used non-matching conditioner. Right now I am using Garnier hair shampoo.
I like John Frieda lightning shampoo and conditioner that I used previously, but I forgot the right name of product, so I cannot write about it right now.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Šodien iekāpu vilcienā un braucu. Braucu uz Varanasi. Ceļojums sākās ar atgriešanos jaunības dienām, kad kopā ar draugiem, pēc nejaušības principa, izvēlējāmies kādu laimīgo/nelaimīgo no telefonu grāmatas. Tad tika zvanīts nevis tāpēc, lai šis laimīgais/nelaimīgais atbildētu uz jautājumu, kas manā saujā?, bet teicām, lai paņem kādu spainīti un tajā salej silto ūdeni, vai savāc elektrību, jo nākamajā dienā nebūs vai nu siltā ūdens vai elektrības. Kāda sieviete no jautājuma neapmulsa un jautāja, vai spainīti atnest mums, ka ar silto ūdeni varot padalīties.
Visa koncerta laikā šaudījās pa galvu domas. Būtu iespējams visas domas pierakstīt, tad varētu izdot kādu grāmatu par šīm neaprakstāmi labajām emocijām.
Tāda sajūta it kā dziedātu Tev vienai. Ne katram māksliniekam tas izdodas. Jau trešais koncerts, bet zāle pilna. Nu, vienkārši cilvēkiem patīk!
Viņš dzied un ir sajūta, ka tas viss ir tik pazīstams un dzirdēts. Kā pats Dons saka  - Deja Vu.
Ja ir vēl kāds koncerts, noteikti iesaku apmeklēt. Man šī bija brīnišķīgi pavadīta svētdiena.
Vilciena pēdējā peitura - Varanasi, bet gribas vēl un vēl.
Šis bija labākais brauciens ar vilcienu, vienalga, īsts, neīsts vai iedomāts. Tiem, kuri vēl brauks, vai tikai domā par kāpšanu vilcienā uz Varanasi - kāpiet, brauciet - nenožēlosiet!
 Dons - Pēdējā Vēstule

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