Sunday, November 29, 2015

FF Nov 21 - Nov 27

Scott & Fox Boys T-Shirt Tshirt Age 10 Years - £1.76 , free shipping
Trivia On The Loo Next Paperback - £2.84, free shipping
Virdzinija Vulfa Uz Baku Bāku Latvian 2005 Hardback - £7.99, Best Offer accepted, free shipping to Latvia
Basics For Bank Directors FiFth Edition English Paperback 2010 - £0.99 , free shipping
Serial Killers - Fred & Rosemary West - House Of Horrors - Dvd & Book - Vol 1 - £2.95 , free shipping
Es Macos Lasit Latvian Paperback - £2.07 , free shipping

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shipping And Packaging Costs Money!

Yes, it does! I have free shipping to UK on almost everything. That Means - I PAY FOR SHIPPING AND PACKAGING MYSELF! There is some heavier items, that I will charge for shipping too. Wait? do you think I will send 2.5 kg game on my costs? Shipping itself costs 23 Euros. O.K. I will not charge for packaging materials, I use what I have.
You can choose to pay extra for shipping and I will buy box specially for you. Whats wrong if I do not charge you the shipping costs and place your item in plain mailer or in bubble mailer? BTW, I paid tor them too.
I have only one complaint about my "pink" plain mailer. When I order my shipping supplies online, I do not know what color it will be - pink, purple or other color. And, actually. I do not care. the thing I care about is, that the product arrives safe and undamaged to the buyer. If you do not like the "pink" color, just send the empty mailer back, on your expenses!
I have loads of that pink mailer, and I am not going to buy new ones just because on individual didn't like it.
Enjoy the picture of my sweet mailers!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Paypal Limited

This morning, I realized, that my Paypal account is limited to withdrawal money. I needed to verify my name and address. Luckily my scanner was working and I was able to scan my ID card. and for address verification I sent them my electricity bill. Thank God, it worked.
I was surprised, because they only limit your account when you withdrawal more than $500 in total. I use Paypal since 2007, but my total withdrawal is near $200 in these 8 years.
I needed to go eBay Business, because eBay assumed I was selling too much clothing. Yes, there were some kid clothing still with tags, but I have lots of my boy clothing and some of them never have been used. It happens every year after Christmas. some people just throw out unwanted gifts, but I try to sell them. and if I cannot sell, I donate them.
Have a nice day, readers!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

FF Nov 14 - Nov 20

Medidos Weekly Tablet Dispenser No1 - £9.50 , free shipping
Small Storm International Plush Teddy Bear - £3.99 , free shipping
Jogas Pilnība Latvian Paperback 1983 - £1.41 , free shipping
Cheeky Monkey Tshirt T-Shirt Girls Boys Unisex 9-10 yrs 134-140cm - £1.85 , free shipping
Tagadnes Spēks Ekharts Tolle Latvian Hardback 2003 - £13.99 , Best Offer accepted + shipping to Germany
Next Sarafan Dress Tunic Size 5 Years - £1.42 , free shipping
Visādas Pasakas Imants Ziedonis Latvian Paperback 1983 - £10.20 , Best Offer accepted, free shipping

Sunday, November 15, 2015

FF Nov 7- Nov 13

Pandora Small Jewelry Box - £5.99 Best Offer accepted, free shipping
Mūsainā Hadžere Fahri Erdinčs Latvian Paperback 1970 - £1.20 , free shipping
Kārdinātāja Aīda Niedra Latvian Paperback 1992 - £1.10 , free shipping
Dziedoni Erksku Kruma No 1 Latvian Paperback 1993 - £2.85 , free shipping
Staburaga Berni Valdis Spridisa Biblioteka 8 Hardback 1992 Latvian - £4.00 , free shipping
Omartija Kundze Anslavs Eglitis Latvian 1991 Paperback - £2.06 , free shipping
Disney Wildcats Cheerleaders Top 3-4 Years 104cm - £1.57 , free shipping
Adijumi Riekstiņa Latvian 1976 Hardback - £5.26 , free shipping

Saturday, November 7, 2015

FF Oct 31 - Nov 6

Moshi Monsters Sweater Jumper 5-6 Years - £2.42 (free shipping)
Princeses Kleita Cielēna Māra, Ramane Ilze Latvian Paperback 2015 Colouring Book - £0.99 (free shipping)
Colouring Book 905 Small - £0.99 (free shipping)
Latviešu Tautas Teikas Alma Ancelāne, Dainis Rožkalns Latvian Paperback 1990 - £2.39 (free shipping)
Kapteiņa Granta Bērni Latvian Hardback 1986 - £4.25 (free shipping)
Tam Labam Būs Augt Edgars Damburs Latvian 1978 - £0.99 (free shipping)
Is This My Nose? by Random House Children's Publishers UK (Board book, 2008) - £2.81 (free shipping)
Liverpool Football club Shorts Size L 11-12 Years - £2.42 (free shipping)
River Island Boys T-Shirt Tshirt UK 9/10 Eur 140cm - £0.99 (free shipping)
Shrek2 Donkey Backpack Rucksack 401/816 NWT - £9.99 (free shipping)
Cuddles Collection Soft Plush Bear Toy White NWT - £6.26 (free shipping)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

FF Oct 24 - Oct 30

Primark 1D One Direction Boys Girls Unisex Onesie 5-6 Years - £3.84 + shipping to Russian Federation
Cabbage Patch Doll Used 1982 - £9.99 - Best Offer accepted
Pets At Home Black Dog Jumper - £5.79 (free shipping)
Umbro England Football Shorts Size SB 134cm - £2.42 (free shipping)
Kā Uzlabot Omu Vītaute Žilinskaite Latvian Hardback 1986 - £0.99 (free shipping)
Par naudu. Gribi - tici, gribi - netici! Latvian Paperback 2009 - £0.99 (free shipping)
Latviešu Sakāmvārdi un Parunas Dace Ruža, Māra Rikmane Latvian Paperback 1983 - £1.15 (free shipping)

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