Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ebay Promotional postage rule

Today I removed the Ebay Promotional postage rule, witch I was using since I have my Ebay shop. I had one rule for all listings.
Spend more than 20GBP on 2 or more items and get free shipping. The last time I just cancelled the order because buyer didn't read the offer rules. This last time I lost my money on two items, because, again, buyer didn't understand the rules. As this time it was a returning customer who bought from me in the past, I made an exception. The promotional postage rule is for ITEM PRICE ONLY, not for price+ shipping.
Buyer bought 2 items. Price per items + shipping was 24GBP. I waited for payment, and got email, asking why do I have to pay for shipping for 2 items, the total is 24 and I think there is free shipping when I spend 20GBP. I messaged back and told that the rule is only for item price not for total. I offered her to pay the shipping price for the heavier item only. There were no answer so I contacted a buyer again and send a new invoice without shipping price and told as shi is a returning customer the shipping will be on me this time. She paid in 2 minutes.
The buyer paid GBP13.50, Ebay fees are 1.62, Paypal fees was GBP0.73, the cost of two items was GBP2.42. Shipping is BGP10,34
I am done with this promotion thing, because people do not read, they just see what they want to see!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Epson Ink Cartridges

So, as people already know, Epson is some expensive brand. I use Epson DX7450 Alli-in-One Printer, but cartridges are really expensive for my model. Whenever I see these cartridges in thrift/second-hand stores, I always buy them all. Last time I bought two individual packets in one store and later that day I bought another full box in other store. Actually in that "full box" was the original 4 inks + two loose individual cartridges. I mostly use blue ink. I listed all I didn't need on Amazon, and to this day I have only one (yellow) left. Aftermath is, I have got my ink for free selling unwanted ones. No profit, just free ink for me!

Have a good time printing wherever you are!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bikkembergs Pants Sold! Fitness DVD

Hi, folks! I am glad I sold my Bikkembergs pants this week. They were sitting in my Ebay store for 16 months. finally I sent them to an online auction, and sold them for £0.99 + shipping. Good brand, but it was too long time.
I am still selling fitness DVD in Spanish. I bought it a way back and I don't need it anymore. I will leave a link somewhere to product listing, not to my exact product.
Friend asked, why are you are not blogging anymore? actually I thought that this isn't blogging, because I do it so rarely, I do not consider it blogging at all. I will try my best to blog more often (I say it every time).

Have a nice day/evening from where you are reading this!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Long Time No See

Holly Cow! I have not posted anything since April 2016! I will try to do my best and post more often.
Yesterday I went out thrifting (shopping) for men golf shirt. I had one specific request from old friend. and to my surprise I found so many FAKE Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. Prices for these fakes were incredible! How I know they were fake?
Embroidery was really bad, size tags was attached in wrong places, and stitching on labels edges wasn't in right color. The stitching on brand labels of Ralph Lauren originals will always be the same color as item itself. One more sign - look for little hole behind size tag, if it is there - it is original.

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