Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You Shouldn't Trust Aliexpress Sellers

So, I have bought lot of Aliexpress in past years. sometimes you get crap for the price you paid. sometimes it is all right. i live in small town and now I am not the only one who buys stuff there (I used to). And I do not like that I see the same dress on three different girls the same day.
I liked to buy things on Aliexpress, but I stopped it. Last time I got bath towels I was disappointed. I saw new trend, whitch is microfibre bath towels. and I wanted couple of them as they absorb water pretty well. I did some research and there was couple sellerw who offered the size and color I wanted. I asked seller how thick they are and he replied that they have the same thickness as regular terry bath towel. and that was the last time I trusted the seller.
I got the towels 4 weeks later and they are so thin, that my toilet paper is thicker. they absorb water from body very well, bet it is not supposed to dry your hair. First time I used this towel, I had to take another for my hairs. Probably will never use them again. I contacted the seller, he offered to return it, but it it is so expensive to send them back.

P.S I found that amazon.co.uk (as I do not like shopping in local store) is pretty good for me too. And the shipping is so fast. And you can get everything delivered to you.

Have a nice day!

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