Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shipping And Packaging Costs Money!

Yes, it does! I have free shipping to UK on almost everything. That Means - I PAY FOR SHIPPING AND PACKAGING MYSELF! There is some heavier items, that I will charge for shipping too. Wait? do you think I will send 2.5 kg game on my costs? Shipping itself costs 23 Euros. O.K. I will not charge for packaging materials, I use what I have.
You can choose to pay extra for shipping and I will buy box specially for you. Whats wrong if I do not charge you the shipping costs and place your item in plain mailer or in bubble mailer? BTW, I paid tor them too.
I have only one complaint about my "pink" plain mailer. When I order my shipping supplies online, I do not know what color it will be - pink, purple or other color. And, actually. I do not care. the thing I care about is, that the product arrives safe and undamaged to the buyer. If you do not like the "pink" color, just send the empty mailer back, on your expenses!
I have loads of that pink mailer, and I am not going to buy new ones just because on individual didn't like it.
Enjoy the picture of my sweet mailers!

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