Monday, January 14, 2019

I have 7 household/cleaning products.

Dosia Color washing powder 300 g - there are the times you have to buy the cheapest one. No, I am not poor, that particular day I needed money for something else, so I bought the cheapest one. And, it did its job! And I always liked the smell of this powder.

2X Silan Soft & Oils Concentrated fabric softener Inspiring Orange Oil - Where I did got these and the review is here.

BELIZNA 1L - I use this bleach hor my whites. Although it smells, it keeps my whites white!
Bleaching agent for bleaching and disinfecting chlorine based laundry. 1 liter bottle. Can be used for hand-washing or automatic washing machines. Pack of 12 pieces

Bar-code: 4750494006304
Manufacturer: Biolars, Latvia
Unit: pcs.

Pur lotion for washing dishes aloe 450 ml - this dish washing liquid does not dry your hands. You can easily use it without any gloves.

Clinex W3 Active ,, BIO "1l - toilet and bathroom cleaner - this is a semi-professional cleaning product for bathrooms. As this is is acidic product, you should wear gloves to prevent irritation. Remember, when using ALKALINE products - USE GLOVES!!!

REX Malaysian Orchid & Sandalwood Color Washing Powder, 280g - As m laundry usually does not get too dirty I can use cheap product when possible. I use small cup, I got from Vanish stain remover, so I use a really small amount every time.

P.S. I am not getting paid for promoting these products. If I ever do promote and get paid, I will leave an affiliate link. These are not promoted.

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