Sunday, April 28, 2019

AlmaWin Household Cleaner Lemon 50 Uses Vegan Eco Warranty, 500 ml

Hello, again!

This past two weeks have been busy for me. I have done nothing in blog and social media.

I have finished using some products  over the weeks. I will try to write some reviews on them. There are some household and some beauty products I have some expired products and also some women stuff too.

AlmaWin Household Cleaner Lemon 50 Uses Vegan Eco Warranty, 500 ml. This was product in Almawin product basket I bought a while back. We ran out of it really quickly as my boy used this to clean his room laminated floor. This smells like an citronella. There are people who do not like smell of citronella, but I do like it. This lasts for 50 times as you need only 10ml per one time.

  • Suitable for all hard surfaces Universal cleaner
  • E.g. for tiles, floors, painted surfaces, etc.
  • Eco Garantie

I have finished my white clothes bleach, you can find a review here.

Also have finished Моющее средство для посуды "ЗОЛУШКА" лимон 500 мл dish washing liquid.

This is the second pack I have used of   Wet wipes "Zero", for cleaning up pets, 40 pcs, white.

That's all for today. I hope I can get back tomorrow with some new reviews. I thought I could use my Youtube profile to make some product review videos, but I think I am camera-shy and my English writing is better than talking.

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