Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My day off is going to end soon. I did not go thrifting today as I did not know there was a 70% discount in my favorite thrift shop. Why did they upload that information only today in the afternoon? I still went to my work as I brought lunch to my colleague.

Bingo Sea Breeze Fabric Softener 1L. I just do love when my clothes and linens smell nice and do not static electrify me.

Bielenda Carbon paste for facial cleaning 3 w 1. I bought it in the clearance section.  I liked this product a lot, but the only thing I did not like was that it was too watery for me. That is the reason I used it only in the shower, because I made a really big mess in the sink the first time using it. No other cons. I was it was available in local stores, but it is gone.

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