Sunday, May 12, 2019

Brait - Air Freshener Spray White Flowers 425g

I did bought this air freshener a while back, only because somebody in my shop had stolen the trigger part. I did have air freshener bottle like that at home, so I bought it and screwed plastic cap from water bottle on top. This bottle top seemed to be smaller than the one I had at home, so I just poured all the content from this bottle to empty one.
I do like the fresh scent from this one and I could consider buying it again if it will be available. Yeah, the old trigger from my bottle have messed up, so I will throw the old one out once it is empty.
I still do not know why there are Orbeez inside.

This description is from online store:
Air freshener spray, effectively masks and absorbs unpleasant odor, replacing it with the pleasant scent of white flowers. In addition, the water mist moistens the air, making the rooms stay refreshed.
Capacity: 425g

* I found out, that it is not possible to search inside your blog by labels, so I decided I will copy labels as part of my posts. I am doing it, so I can just search by barcode and see if I already have a review made on particular product.
Brait - Air Freshener Spray White Flowers 425g, 5908241711486

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