Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Cotton pads Cotton Club Svіzhanka 120 pcs

Disposable cotton pads have become an indispensable face care product today. With their help, you can easily and quickly clean the skin of makeup and even apply the necessary care products.

Svіzhanka cotton pads from the Cotton Club trademark are made from 100% natural cotton, the fibers of which are securely pressed together to guarantee product strength and ease of use.

The round shape of the discs and their optimal surface area allows you to apply the required amount of cosmetic product without any problems. You can be sure that quality products will not fall apart during use and will demonstrate high efficiency. Removing makeup, cleansing the skin, and refreshing the face with tonic will become much easier and more pleasant with Cotton Club Svіzhanka cotton pads, which do not cause allergies and irritation.

How to use: take the disc out of the package, apply cleanser on it and wipe your face
Usage: disposable make-up remover
Material: 100% cotton
Density: 150 g/m2
Package contents: 140 pcs

EAN: 4751023290232

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