Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Face Cream SPF 50 Sun Balance Farmona 50ml

This product expired. I bought it last year when I got a sunburn. Obviously, I bought too many products.
I used this product only a few times, so I cannot write a proper review. I will just copy the product information.
Face Cream SPF50 is a sun protection for sensitive skin with a very high sensitivity to sunlight. Intense hydration, nourishing, improves firmness and reduces wrinkles.
Active ingredients : argan oil, shea butter, panthenol, vitamin E.
Use : Apply cream evenly on skin at least 20-30 minutes before sun exposure. Repeat several times while tanning.
Content:                             50 ml

*you can buy the product from the link  (not an affiliate)

5900117007808, Face Cream SPF 50 Sun Balance Farmona 50ml, 

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