Monday, May 13, 2019

Sonett Laundry Detergent Color Mint & Lemon 30 ° 40 ° 60 ° C

I got this relatively free. I used a gift card in a store and paid for it 0.14 Euros. Original price is 10.95 Euros.
It can be used 40-120ml per load. I used the smallest marking in my washing machine. I cant tell how many Mls that is, but it did last very long time.
As I do have 8kg washing machine I usually make the full load. My washing machine is very smart, if I want to wash one shirt, it will calculate the water and time required for that load.

Sonett's Organic, Good-Scented Washing Detergent for Colored Textiles. Suitable for temperatures between 30 ° C and 60 ° C for both machine and hand washing. Wash laundry clean without straining nature!
Ingredients: 15-30% rapeseed oil soap * / sunflower oil soap *, 5-15% non-ionic surfactants (sugar tenside), 5-15% citrate, 5-15% vegetable alcohol (ethanol), 1-5% anionic surfactants (coconut fatty alcohol), < 1% authentic, volatile licorice *, mint *, pomegranate * (Petit Grain), lemon grass *, shrimp * and alpine roses * (incl citral *, limonene *, linalool *) oils, gurun balm, balsamic *, water.
* = Observed organic production / wild
Manufacturer: Sonett, Germany

Sonett Laundry Detergent Color Mint & Lemon 30 ° 40 ° 60 ° C, 4007547504004

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