Sunday, March 20, 2022

BiOHY Mop 40 cm | Chenille Mop | Microfibre Mop Blue (Single) | Ideal for Cleaning Sensitive and Smooth Surfaces

✅ NATURALLY CLEAN: Our BiOHY mop shines with its high-quality workmanship and excellent cleaning power. The soft and fine chenille surface is ideal for cleaning sensitive and smooth surfaces that scratch easily
✅ NATURALLY VERSATILE: Our mop can easily be used for dry, damp, or wet floor cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Equipped for all eventualities!
✅ NATURALLY PRACTICAL: With its 40 cm length, the mop fits perfectly on all common folding holders. It also guarantees a secure hold and easy clamping thanks to its reinforced pockets
 ✅NATURAL BiOHY: Our BiOHY products love purity just as much as they do the environment, people, and animals. They are effective, sustainable, and deliberately economical to use

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