Monday, April 4, 2022

Nivea Deo Spray Invisible  Black & White Clear 150ml 

NIVEA Black & White Invisible Clear Antiperspirant is a product that will provide you with effective and reliable protection against perspiration, without the risk of staining your favorite clothes. Provides 5in1 protection and protects against unpleasant odors, perspiration, yellow stains, white marks, and irritation. The antiperspirant leaves no yellow stains on white clothes and no white marks on black clothes. The unique formula protects you from excessive sweating for 48 hours, while nurturing your skin. Delicate and feminine fragrance provides a feeling of freshness. Its gentleness on the skin has been dermatologically proven. against white marks on black clothes and against yellow stains on white clothes, reliable 48h antiperspirant protection, and skincare,

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