Thursday, August 22, 2019

Google Adsense For Blogger

So, today I got fixed the issue with that error or warning message in Adsense account about Authorized Digital Sellers (ADS.txt).
Basically, that error was in Adsense over a few months, and I think it was fixed today because it was still here yesterday.
At first, in my Adsense account, there was a downloadable text file you had to paste in your blog under the Search Preferences.
I did that way back, and nothing happened. Then I remembered that when I created Adsense account way, way back I had to paste the HTML code in the blogger root level. So I found Youtube video on how to do that.
So I watched that video, found the code in Adsense and checked if it was the same as I copied previously in my blog root level. The code was almost the same, but there were some slight differences in some places, like, fewer spaces in some places. Then I deleted old code from the blog and copied the new one in.
Apparently, I did the right thing.
this is the vide I used.

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