Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Fresh Nutrient Women Note 250ml

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Fresh Nutrient Women Note 250ml

Dove Shower gel 250 ml Go Fresh Fresh Touch

A shower gel that refreshes, nourishes, and gives your skin a boost: Dove Go Fresh Touch, with the refreshing scent of cucumber and green tea and contains NutriumMoisture, nourishes the skin deeply and makes it more beautiful.

About Dove

Dove is the largest brand in the world in personal care products. Dove started in 1957 with the development of soap with moisturizing cream, and in 1980 was the first to launch the moisturizing wash gel. After the introduction of Dove in the Netherlands and Belgium, it has become one of the largest brands in personal care in both countries. Dove is known for its many products and its "Time for true beauty" campaign. Dove wants women to know that beauty is not only determined by the outside, but also from the inside. And to make all those different beauties come true. Dove has a large range of personal care products that are mild for skin and hair, Dove is large in various product categories. 

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