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Žanna d'Arka by Andrejs Upīts

Žanna d'Arka by Andrejs Upīts

Andrejs Upīts submits his new play to the National Theater Play Competition, which is awarded and staged, becoming one of the most important productions of the first half of the 1930s. The staging created by Ernest Feldmann differs from the new productions of the rest of the National Theater in the scope of the tragedy, with its opposition to the usual life in the production and realism of Latvian works, as well as the productions of salon plays. The performance of the hero's relationship with the mass is highlighted in the performance, creating large-scale mass views from the students of E. Feldman's courses.

Two actresses - Lily Erik and Paul Baltabola - play the title role differently but equally brilliantly. With Lily Eric, who has a subtle sense of form, at the same time lyrical tenderness, great power in dramatic places, and dreaminess at the beginning of the play appear in the role of religious ecstasy. But the author's wish is that Jeanne is portrayed by P. Baltābola, with whom he has like-minded people in defense of left-wing views, however, the "left" trend in the ideological setting of the image is also noticed by critics, who point out that it is really unacceptable.

After "Jeanne d'Arc", A. Upītis's works are no longer staged at the National Theater, because due to his left views, Upītis' staging in Latvia is not possible after 1934, and he will return to this stage only after 1945, but in 1970 the theater will be awarded A The name of the river.

Publisher: Zvaigzne ABC
ISBN: 998417865X
Binding type: Hardcover
Height x width, cm: 21 x 15
Weight (g): 209
116 pages.

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