Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Paclan Laundry Color Absorber 15pcs

When the color catching sheets first appeared in the Latvian market, I and my mum bought out all the nearest stores, because people didn't know the product yet.  I introduced my mum to this product long ago, when I was buying it online on eBay from the USA.
Then, one day my mum told that she spotted that product in some small shop. Then we started to buy the product in that small shop. Until they were out of the stock. And they told that they will not stock on that product in the future, because I and my mum were the only ones buying it.
So, we started buying them online, again.
Then, a while back, the distributor started delivering the Paclan brand to our store. And they fly like a wind. They restock it every two weeks, but sometimes it is gone already in a few days.
As I do laundry every evening I use two packs a month. But still, I wash my whites separately from other colors.

Thanks to the innovative material structure and soft cotton fibers, Paclan Color Absorber wipes catch colors during washing.
They have the power of absorbing colors.
Wash your favorite items calmly without fear of discoloration.
Save time and money - less sorting and full washing machine mean fewer expenses on water, powder, and electricity.

Paclan Laundry Color Absorber 15pcs, 5900942137510

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