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Pur Secrets of Care Aloe Vera Dishwashing liquid 450 ml

Pur Secrets of Care Aloe Vera Dishwashing liquid 450 ml

Discover the formula of Pur Balsam Care Secrets Aloe vera with a neutral pH for your skin. Pur Balsam dishwashing liquid has been dermatologically tested. Washing dishes may dry out the skin of your hands, which is why the Pur Balsam line was created for clean dishes and soft hands. Feel the soothing power of aloe.


It is best to use it within 3 years from the production date indicated on the packaging.


Rinse the utensils thoroughly with water after washing.


  • 5-15% anionic surfactants
  • <5% amphoteric surfactants
  • fragrance composition
  • preservatives: Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone


Package size: 450 ml Average measure (e)

Numerical Dimension: 450

Packaging type: Plastic bottle

Manufacturer (see letter code next to date of manufacture)
Henkel Central Eastern Europe Operations GmbH
Erdbergstr. 29
1030 Vienna
Henkel Serbia doo
ul. Bulevar Oslobodenja 383
11000 Beograd

EAN CODE: 90407055

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