Thursday, December 5, 2019

Laundry detergent Sano Maxima Javel Effect 1.25kg

The Sano Maxima Javel Effect concentrated phosphate-free laundry detergent for white and colored fabrics is specially formulated for a perfect hygienic wash and a delicate laundry touch.
Sano Maxima Javel Effect is especially effective for washing soiled colored fabrics. Provides superior wash quality. It promotes effective removal of stains from coffee, tea, wine, fruit, herbs, sauces, and the likeFor effective stain removal, it is advisable to wash on a soaking program at the maximum permissible temperature with a large amount of powder. The powder is especially effective for fresh spots. Contains special additives that purify water and prevent the formation of limescale. Ideal for washing in hard water.
Sano Maxima Javel Effect Laundry Detergent was awarded by the Israeli Institute of Standards Platinum Mark.
Suitable for all types of laundry. Not suitable for hand wash!
Method of application:
For 5 kg of ordinary washing - 1/3 of a measuring cup (36 g).
With more severe pollution at 5 kg - 2/3 of a measuring cup (72 g).
In the case of particularly severe contamination of 5 kg - one measuring cup (108 g), having previously treated the spots.
One package is enough for 35 cycles of normal washing.
Weight: 1.25 kg

Laundry detergent Sano Maxima Javel Effect 1.25kg, 7290000288109


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