Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Aura Intimate Hygiene Wet Wipes 20 pcs

Aura Intimate Hygiene Wet Wipes 20 pcs


Wet wipes were invented about forty years ago as a special care product for delicate baby skin. Over time, this subject of hygiene was introduced into human life more and more deeply: antibacterial wipes appeared, then wipes for removing makeup, wipes for cars and equipment and so on. Indeed, wet wipes are very convenient and practical, because they give you the opportunity to actually wash your hands at any time without the need to go anywhere for this, and they also effectively disinfect and degrease any surface.
Aura Beauty Intimate Wet Wipes For Sensitive Skin Wet Wipes will help you feel always comfortable, even if you are not able to take a shower. Napkins are made of special material. They do not leave villi after use. Ergonomic packaging allows wipes to be always at hand.

Aura Intimate Hygiene Wet Wipes 20 pcs, 4751023299419


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