Sunday, February 16, 2020

General Fresh One Force WC Bowl Block Flower

General Fresh One Force  WC Bowl Block Flower

I started this product on January 31th and replaced with one just today
I liked the product, but there are some cons to this. 1st, it runs out really fast; 2ns, it leaves pink stains in the toilet bowl.

I will paste the description from their webpage below

The General Fresh WC block is not just a fresh fragrance with every flush. The toilet bar of our brand is primarily specially selected washing ingredients that ensure the purity of the toilet bowl. At the same time, they prevent the formation of limescale, thanks to which your toilet stays shiny for a long time. General Fresh toilet cubes combine everything you can expect: it cares for hygiene, does not allow limescale and leaves long-lasting freshness in your favorite fragrance.

General Fresh One Force  WC Bowl Block Flower, 5900785130006 

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