Friday, February 21, 2020

Washing Mesh Bag With Zipper 40X50cm

Washing Mesh Bag With Zipper 40X50cm
I am using these bags daily to wash my underwear, socks, and other small objects. I used to use these for my kid stuffed animals, as they tended to rip in the washing machine.
I think this is the largest one in my shop. They come in three different sizes.
The previous one I used I got from Aliexress, but I did not like the stiff feeling of that fabric.

  • Size 40x50cm
  • Large bag for washing laundry and items made of delicate materials
  • Delicate things, when washed in a bag, do not deteriorate and do not tear during mechanical washing (lace lingerie, stockings, curtains, plush toys, etc.)
  • Fastened with a comfortable zip additionally protected with a layer of material, so the zip does not damage other things while washing

Washing Mesh Bag With Zipper 40X50cm, 5903355057789

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