Monday, September 12, 2022

BambusBande - Baby cotton buds made of bamboo and cotton with safety head, 55 pieces, sustainable alternative to wood and plastic, 100% organic and environmentally friendly ear buds

BambusBande - Baby cotton buds
  • Safe, gentle, clean: the 55 baby care swabs are ideal for gently cleaning the ears of young and old. The wide safety head made of fine, soft cotton prevents penetration into the ear canal.
  • Enough of disposable plastic? So do we! Therefore, we only use sturdy bamboo and pure cotton as rapidly renewable, natural raw materials. The production is water neutral and does not require the use of chemicals or pesticides.
  • 100% organic circular run: the cotton buds are completely biodegradable. Simply dispose of organic waste or on your own compost and enjoy doing something good for the environment. The clever packaging is made from recycled paper and can be disposed of in the paper bin after use or reused as a storage box.
  • Vegan, and plastic-free since there are no animal or artificial ingredients for fair and clean handling of animals and nature.
  • Satisfaction: if you are satisfied, we are too. If this is not the case, there is a free replacement until you are.

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