Monday, January 16, 2023

Fa Men Sport Double Power Boost Power Deodorant Spray 150ml

Fa Men Sport Energy Boost Spray Deodorant
Fa Men Sport Energy Boost Spray Deodorant is a revolutionary product designed specifically for men who lead an active lifestyle and play sports. The unique formula is rich in natural ingredients, which provides powerful protection for 72 hours of movement without limits! The presented product is easy to apply to the skin, while not causing irritation or allergic reactions. Thanks to active minerals, the deodorant does not dry out the skin but does an excellent job of preventing the release of unwanted moisture. Formulated with absorbents for extra-strong sweat protection, it fights not just odor, but the bacteria that cause it. That is why the Fa Men Sport Energy Boost deodorant spray not only temporarily masks odors, but reliably eliminates the cause of their appearance. Country of origin: Germany

Barcode/GTIN: 9000100736763

Country: Germany

Barcode registration: Austria

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