Thursday, May 7, 2020

Serla Parchment Paper 45cm X 20m

Serla Parchment Paper 45cm X 20m

Serla baking paper is an all-in-one product for people who love baking. Serla provides inspiration for professional bakers as well as for home chefs. Health and enjoyment combined with ease of use and delicious flavors are the ingredients to Serla’s recipe for success.

Serla baking paper is well-suited for every step of the baking process from preparation to serving. Serla is also a versatile tool for decoration, whether you need a piping bag or a stencil. With Serla, greasing baking tins, trays, and dishes is a thing of the past. The non-stick properties of the Serla baking paper enable quicker cooking with less fat. After you have used the paper, you can dispose it with a clear conscience – Serla baking papers are biodegradable and compostable.

Serla baking products include a selection of greaseproof papers in smart packages for consumers and professional users and in reels for converting.

Serla Parchment Paper 45cm X 20m, 10240008866

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