Wednesday, June 24, 2020


UNIFARMA HERBALS DERMASEPTIC CREAM 20G this was recommended by the pharmacist when my kid injured his knee and was bleeding a lot. After we cleaned the wound we used it under the large band-aid pad as a healing cream.  When the pharmacist recommended this cream, I thought it would cost a lot of money, but to my surprise, it was only 1.17 EUR.
This tube that expired was not used, because the one we used I gave to my neighbor who had injured her arm when working in a garden. I recommended her to go to ER cause the wound seemed very big. I do not know if she went to see the specialist or not. I never asked. But the next week she gave me a new tube of this cream and we have not used it since. Actually, the pharmacist told it can be used as an ordinary hand and feet cream too as it helps with dry skin.

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