Saturday, July 25, 2020

Laundry Softener Frosch Cotton Flowers 1l

The product is made by a leading German company specializing in the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly household cleaning and care products.
The Caring Rinse is a plant-based rinse that, thanks to selected fragrances, reduces the risk of skin irritation. It cares for and protects the fibers of the fabrics while maintaining the breathability of the linen. Thus, the caring rinse aid makes the laundry delicate and soft, making it comfortable to wear and pleasant to the touch. At the same time, it imparts a unique, long-lasting, and natural scent that can be optimally combined with Frosch brand detergents.
How to use: add the required amount of fabric softener (depending on the fabric - see dosage table on the package) into the special compartment in the washing machine. Do not pour directly onto laundry.
Certification for organic products: AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning Certificate of Commitment No. 012 EMAS No. DE-152-00013 (EMAS is currently the most modern and efficient environmental management system on the market. Above ISO / International Standard for Environmental International Organization) 

Laundry Softener Frosch Cotton Flowers 1l, 4001499116803

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