Saturday, July 1, 2023

Naviga Men Care Shaving foam "Regular" 200ml

Naviga Men Care Shaving foam "Regular" 200ml

  • For connoisseurs of the classics who do not like experiments and unexpected components, Regular shaving foam from the Naviga brand is an ideal choice. This is a tool that has all the qualities that will ensure the safety of the procedure. It pleasantly cools the skin and gives a fresh aroma and comfort. Enjoy a smooth, clean-shaven face that makes your look even more elegant.

    Features of regular shaving foam from Naviga brand:

    - designed for all skin types;
    - gives powerful hydration to the epidermis, and prevents peeling;
    - soothes the skin, prevents irritation;
    - promotes healing of small cuts and scratches;
    - softens the hairs, and lifts them, providing perfect smoothness after the procedure;
    - has a cooling effect on the epidermis.


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