Friday, July 24, 2020

Naviga Men Care Shaving foam "Regular" 200ml

For connoisseurs of classics who do not like experiments and unexpected ingredients, the Regular shaving foam from the Naviga brand is the ideal choice. This is a tool that has all the qualities that will ensure the safety of the procedure. It pleasantly cools the skin, gives a fresh scent and comfort. Enjoy a sleek, clean-shaven face that adds elegance to your look.
- designed for all skin types; 
- gives powerful hydration to the epidermis, prevents peeling; 
- soothes the skin, prevents irritation; 
- promotes healing of minor cuts and scratches; 
- softens hairs, lifts them, ensuring perfect smoothness after the procedure; 
- has a cooling effect on the epidermis.
Mode of application
Shake well before use. Hold the bottle with the dispenser facing up. Apply lather to wet face.

Naviga Men Care Shaving foam "Regular" 200ml, 8699104134425

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