Monday, September 25, 2023

ALWAYS Sensitive Ultra Night - 7pcs

Experience unparalleled protection and comfort with ALWAYS Sensitive Ultra Night sanitary napkins. Designed to keep you feeling confident and dry even during your heaviest flow, these napkins feature advanced technologies for maximum effectiveness.

🌐 Advanced Technology for Confidence 🌐 ALWAYS Sensitive Ultra Night sanitary napkins utilize a special Dry Weave mesh and Gel Action technology to provide reliable protection. The Dry Plus absorbent layer ensures quick moisture absorption, distributing it efficiently within the pad and preventing leakage. This innovative design offers an unparalleled feeling of dryness.

🌙 Perfect for Nighttime Use 🌙 With their unique design, these sanitary napkins are ideal for nighttime use. The innovative wings are designed to match your underwear and body movements perfectly, ensuring a secure fit throughout the night.

📦 Product Details:

  • Package Content: 7 sanitary napkins per pack
  • Shelf Life: 730 days
  • EAN/Unit: 4015400552109
  • EAN/Carton: 4015400552086
  • HS Code: 96190071

Stay comfortable and confident during your nighttime routine with ALWAYS Sensitive Ultra Night sanitary napkins. Order now and experience superior protection like never before.

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