Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sanitary pads Libresse Ultra Normal Soft 3 mm 20 pcs

 The ultra-thin Libresse Ultra pads provide freshness and protection thanks to distinctive product benefits such as a unique anatomical shape, which allows them to perfectly follow the contours of the female body with wings that securely fix the pad to the underwear. The pads have a breathable top layer.

In addition, the unique individual packaging with Roll Press Go technology allows for hygienic and discreet disposal of the used pad.

Every woman's discharge is unique, which is why we use a V-Indicator on the packaging to help you find the perfect pad. More red in the indicator means more absorbency.

Product packaging made of at least 50% renewable materials.

Spacer length 240 mm, thickness 3 mm.

  • Hygienic
  • 4 drops
The form
  • With wings
  • Soft
Country of origin
  • Slovakia
Brand registration country
  • Slovakia

Package quantity, pcs
  • 20
Sanitary pads Libresse Ultra Normal Soft 3 mm 20 pcs (7310791245607)

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