Saturday, November 18, 2023

Libresse Ultra Normal Soft 3mm Sanitary Pads - Pack of 10

Experience the next level of comfort and protection during your menstrual cycle with Libresse Ultra Normal Soft 3mm Sanitary Pads. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these pads are designed to adapt to the unique characteristics of your intimate area, providing unparalleled protection, especially during heavy flow.

Key Features:

  1. Adaptive Cour-V Technology: The new Cour-V technology adapts to the specific features of your intimate area, ensuring optimal protection even during heavy menstrual flow.

  2. 3 Absorption Zones: Strategically placed absorbent zones in the front, back, and middle provide comprehensive protection, offering peace of mind during your period.

  3. Fast Absorption: The absorbent surface and specialized shape make these pads the ideal choice for quick and efficient absorption, making them suitable for heavy menstrual flow.

  4. Maximum Adaptation: The unique shape of the pad, combined with wings, ensures exceptional adaptability to the contours of your intimate area and the flow of your menstrual secretions.

  5. CO₂ Reduced Packaging: Libresse is committed to sustainability. The packaging contains at least 80% materials from plant-based, recycled, and/or sustainable biomass sources, reducing the carbon footprint.

  6. ROLL.PRESS.GO Technology: Unparalleled convenience with the ROLL.PRESS.GO technology. These sanitary pads are easy to use and dispose of. Simply unroll a new pad, and when it's time to dispose of the used one, wrap it securely in the provided wrapper. Press the sides to close it, ensuring hygienic and convenient disposal, even on the go.

  7. Hygienic and Individually Packaged: Each pad is individually packaged for hygiene and convenience, making them easy to carry in your bag or purse.

  8. 4 Drops Absorbency: With a 4-drop absorbency rating, these pads provide reliable protection for your comfort and peace of mind.

  9. Ultrathin and Soft Surface: Despite their high absorbency, these pads are ultrathin and boast a soft surface for maximum comfort during wear.

  10. Slovakia's Finest: Libresse is proud to be a brand originating from Slovakia, bringing you quality and innovation from a country known for its commitment to excellence.

Choose Libresse Ultra Normal Soft 3mm Sanitary Pads for a bold and confident lifestyle. Live boldly, comfortably, and sustainably with Libresse.

EAN: 7310790088731

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