Sunday, April 23, 2023

Silan Aromatherapy Fabric Softener Fairy Lotus 800l

Silan Aromatherapy

Silan Aromatherapy with 4 perfectly balanced fragrances that last up to 140 days has been specially developed to take care of the softness of your clothes and create incredible scents. The formula contains precious oil to relax. Silan's unique double-perfumed capsules activate with every movement to create a fresh scent. Use Silan Aromatherapy with every wash and enjoy your clothes' long-lasting fragrance and softness!

Method of use

Use 25 ml for a standard wash cycle. For softer and more intense aroma use 35 ml. If you load more than 5 kg into the washing machine, use 55 ml Silan Aromatherapy.
After washing, Silan's unique perfumed capsules are activated with every movement, creating an extra fresh scent.


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