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Discover the Sano Apple Toilet Block: A Premium Solution for Toilet Cleaning and Freshness

Maintaining a clean and fresh toilet is essential for any household, and the Sano Apple Toilet BlockSano Apple Toilet Block is here to make that task easier and more efficient. With its innovative 5-in-1 functionality, this product not only cleans but also disinfects, deodorizes, and adds a pleasant aroma to your toilet. Let's explore the features and benefits of this remarkable product.

Product Overview

Sano Apple Toilet Block (55g)

  • EAN: 7290005426971
  • Manufacturer: SANO Bruno's Enterprises, LTD
  • Country of Origin: Israel

Key Features

1. Comprehensive Cleaning Power: The Sano Apple Toilet Block is designed to tackle all the common problems associated with toilet maintenance. It effectively removes dirt, limescale, unpleasant odors, and urine deposits, ensuring your toilet bowl remains sparkling clean.

2. Multi-Functional Performance: This toilet block offers five distinct functions in one convenient product:

  • Cleanses the toilet bowl
  • Adds a brilliant shine
  • Aromatizes the air with a fresh apple scent
  • Provides hygienic properties
  • Colors the water blue for a visually clean appearance

3. Award-Winning Quality: The Sano toilet block has been awarded the Platinum Mark by the Israel Standards Institute, a testament to its superior quality and performance.

Usage Instructions

Using the Sano Apple Toilet Block is simple and straightforward:

  1. Hang the block on the side of the toilet with the open side facing inward.
  2. Place it in an area with intense water pressure to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Economical and Long-Lasting

The Sano Apple Toilet Block is highly economical, providing up to 800 flushes with average use. This means it can last up to two months, offering great value for your money.

Ingredients and Safety

  • Ingredients:

    • More than 30% nonionic surfactants
    • 5-15% anionic surfactants
    • PHMV
    • Fragrances
  • Best Before Date: 36 months from the date of manufacture

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 55g
  • Package Size: 160 x 50 x 140 mm
  • Purpose: For toilet cleaning and deodorizing
  • Suitable Surfaces: Tile, ceramic tiles
  • Pollutants Removed: Dirt, limescale, unpleasant smells, urine deposits


The Sano Apple Toilet Block is the perfect solution for those seeking a reliable and efficient toilet cleaning product. Its multi-functional capabilities, combined with its pleasant aroma and long-lasting performance, make it an indispensable addition to any household. Trust Sano for a cleaner, fresher toilet experience.

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