Thursday, February 4, 2021

Candle Winter View Disc 130 Bartek Candles

 The candle is a disk-shaped paraffin wax with a winter look. Today the candle is one of the main attributes of celebration, celebration, and romance. It is both a piece of furniture and a wonderful souvenir that can be presented for any occasion. The candle creates a pleasant shimmer, and the sweet alluring scent will envelop you and give you a pleasant sensation. Candles will help individualize any interior and add a touch of comfort to the overall environment. The general rule of thumb is to trim the wick before each use so that the candle burns more slowly and evenly. The length of the wick should be about 6-7 mm.


  • - Product type: candle;
  • - Height: 13 cm; width: 13 cm;
  • - Application: decor, aromatherapy;
  • - Material: paraffin, cotton.

It is not recommended to leave lighted candles unattended, near flammable materials, on window sills with curtains, or in a draft.

Candle Winter View Disc 130 Bartek Candles, 5901685058377

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